Digital Marketing, Analytics and SEO Strategies

Here at Clash Media we have always prided ourselves on building WordPress themes with SEO and SEM in mind. We weren’t born with this knowledge. We had to learn SEO and the way search engines worked somewhere and for us that was through the people at Brisbane’s D Marketing. D marketing are one of Australia’s leading digital marketing firms with over 25 years experience in the industry. Yeah that’s right, older than Google.

We initially contacted them on the web and through a series of emails, gtalk and skype sessions we feltonline marketing confident enough in their abilities to have a face to face with the crew at D marketing. After the first meeting we knew they were the marketing company to help us with our SEO and online adventures. Not only were they professional and seemed to exude knowledge about Google and the other search engines but they were so friendly and completely open about their methods. We learned so much in that first session that we could have basically left it at that. The guys at D marketing are true educators and are only to happy to teach you everything you need to know about handling your own online marketing endeavors. As they say on their website.

We teach our clients to take control of their online marketing. As strange as it may sound we feel we are doing a good job if our clients one day no longer need us.

It is that attitude that reeled us in and even we handle most of our own SEO and Marketing needs, because they have imparted so much knowledge onto us, we found ourselves always going back to the consultants at D Marketing for advice.

Which leads us to a new announcement, we have formally entered into strategic alliance with Brisbane’s D Marketing. We will be handling all their WordPress and theme activities from now on and conversely they will be handling all our SEO and marketing.

We hope this strategic alliance will take both companies to new heights.






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